Eat Healthy While You Are On The Go

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Eat Healthy Even When You’re Busy

We Offer Diet Meals on the Go

Northwest Fit Meals is a Seattle-based Whole30/clean meal delivery service geared towards fueling Whole30 athletes and nonathletes living the Whole30 lifestyle.

We believe in clean eating to bring balance, performance, and energy to your days and workouts as well as improving your quality of life. Athletes fueled by Northwest Fit Meals no longer have to meal prep on their days off. They can save time from taking trips to multiple stores, don’t have to prep/cook/clean, aren’t tempted to cheat on their diet, and get their Sundays back! We bring you only the freshest ingredients and utilize sustainable, locally sourced, and organic ingredients whenever possible.

We believe that at least 80% of your fitness goals are achieved through your diet and 20% is through your workouts. Let us do 80% of the work for you!

Our meals are hands down the best-tasting food you will eat!

Each meal is made with love and prepped with the intention of improving the lives of the customers we serve.

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Kaisa and Jennifer/Two Bad Bodies

"We absolutely love NW Fit Meals! They offer delicious, fresh, healthy meals and a convenient drop-off service that has made it easy for us to stay on track with our eating and their conveniently well-packed meals make them easy to bring with us on the go!

They offer a wide variety of meals and plans, making it easy to choose a meal plan that suits your needs! Their attention to detail is important to recognize from the high-quality ingredients to their presentation. We love that they make the meals look as good as they taste!

NW Fit Meals is making eating clean so easy! We would recommend their services to anyone looking to get their healthy eating lifestyle on track!"

Ardith L. Feroglia

"Balance is one of the most important things in my life; those close to me know this! I strive to find that level where I feel happy and accomplished in all that I do, whether that’s at work, in the gym, or in my personal life. Eating right has naturally become a part of my balance, too, but finding the time to shop, prep meals, and cook–while working full-time, spending free time in the gym, and starting to compete and help coach–got really tough! Luckily, NW Fit Meals is helping me reclaim my time and my overall wellness.

Gena has provided not just nutritious and creative meals, but also an incredible amount of enthusiasm. As an aspiring competitor, I find that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything I need to work on. Gena and NW Fit Meals have stepped in to help me out with the great variety of tasty treats they have to offer. I’m getting good proteins and carbs, and plenty of vegetables–and they’ve even got me actually eating the salads I take with me to work! (Seriously, the steak salad is to die for.) Even though I love to cook, I also value my time. Since starting up with NW Fit Meals, I have more time to focus on everything else, and I’m grateful to have caring people behind my nutrition and my goals!"

Vanessa Segovia

"I’ve been a competitive swimmer for 25 years, swimming at a D1 college with a full scholarship, I broke over 10 school records in high school and was a 7-time school record holder at the University of Illinois Chicago. I used to look back at those times and think I was at my healthiest and it was solely based on the fact of what the scale said. After graduating I gained weight and my struggles with weight and feeling “ok” in my own skin began. I did it all, pills, fasts, liquids diets, you name it, I tried it. Nothing ever lasted. About two years ago, I found Crossfit, and while I had remained active in swimming and even going to US Masters National Championships in 2012 and 2013 something was still missing. I heard people talk about The Zone Diet or “being paleo” and I would make it work for a few weeks but life would always get in the way and one cheat meal would turn into two, then a whole week and before I knew it I was making smaller and smaller gains and progress in Crossfit and other activities I was involved in. A year ago I moved to Seattle and I was determined to get the last piece right… And without much effort Gena found me and it has made all the difference. It’s extremely convenient and delicious… But more importantly, it keeps me on track and has been a true lifestyle change. Because of it, not only am I seeing the positive in my daily workouts and my clothes fitting better, but it’s helped put me in one of the best places I’ve ever been with myself. I no longer look in the mirror and hate what I see or look at other girls and wish I could look like them and think it could never happen for me… Instead, I look and love the progress I see. Mentally, physically and emotionally it’s been the missing piece. Thank you NWFit Meals!"